Rap music, in all its guises, is flourishing in the UK right now. I can vividly recall a time in the not too distant past when it wasn’t this way. If you’re as old as me you’ll remember the cringy days of “fake American accents” (I’m talking to you J* J*) and the sheer struggle that our culture has been through in the last 2 decades, to finally be where we are today firmly sat atop the mountain that is popular music.

A lesser known example of U.K. Rap from the last couple of decades has been what I call local hip hop. Up and down the Country there are many examples of artists, crews, DJ’s etc who haven’t broken into the mainstream yet maintain a large following and consistently put out quality bodies of work for their loyal fan base. (S/o Genesis Elijah)

This is never more relevant than in the town I call home……

The history of Bedford Rap is a storied one that I’ll save for another blog but when that story is written the name of Spyda is one that will take up a fair few column inches.

With a history that stretches back some 15 years and features a high number of quality releases Spyda returns with his latest effort ‘Trini Ray’

Proceedings kick off with the instantly catching ‘Wishing’ which has Ray reflecting on his decision making, aspirations with a wicked unique and original flow over a thumping beat.

As an opener ‘Wishing’is excellent and sets the tone for what’s to come over the next 37 mins.

Over the course of the tape Spyda touches on a variety of subject matter including relationships, his position in life at this stage and his role as a father, whilst sprinkling a healthy dose of truth and honesty. Straigh after ‘Wishing’ we’re gifted the stupidly catchy ‘Blame Game’ featuring

Ayzee who’s appearance is a strong contender for the best guest appearance on the entire release. (I see you OffKey and El Patron) This is swiftly followed up with ‘Trap Suit’ featuring a fantastic Saxophone solo from Saxman Diggle that really sets it apart from your average track. We are then treated to ‘Take Risks’ which features a killer multi lingual verse from the aforementioned El Patron 970!!

The opening of ‘Trini Ray’ is as strong as anything you’ll hear from ANY artist on ANY release in the last 12 months.

Trini Ray doesn’t slow down after the blistering start and by the time Loq shows up on the excellent in concept Big Chase, which address the allure of street life and the pitfalls that go along with it, it’s clear that Spyda is a beast and it comes to the fore on this track. The two MC’s trade bars over a cold jumpy beat and the chemistry these 2 display is awe inspiring.

Entirely Engineered by Spyda himself and beats provided by the likes of Slickz Jay Beats, Sinco Beatz and as well as Moji Beats the whole project has a cohesiveness that bleeds through it from start to finish.

This release is easily as strong as any major label release in 2019 and showcases not only an immense talent but a maturity and focus that is underpinned by a strong history in “local rap”

He never went anyway but just in case there was any doubt after near on 15 year, Trini Ray is here to stay.

#TST Rating: 4/5



ORIGINALLY POSTED 21st January 2020

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