Music can often be great therapy, both listening to and making music are often a therapeutic outlet for many people suffering with mental health issues.

What’s this got to do with this review you’re probably asking? Well listening to Bedford MC Zedo’s latest offering you begin to understand the how music really is therapy for the mind.

Entitled Off The Rails, we are treated to a concise, focused body of work that raises the bar to a height most MC’s will struggle to reach.

Coming off the back of a strong showing on the recent NLS project (of whom Zedo is a member) OTR kicks off with the title track and straight away Zedo’s rapid fire delivery draws you in. Some of the wordplay is spell binding and his delivery is top draw.

The track feels a bit prophetic considering the current situation and over a 140bpm beat Zedo goes HAM…….

“Look/ Run by government crooks/ Leave it alone wish some of them would/ ain’t putting in work ain’t putting us first/ Look at this country looking all cursed/Better prepare for worst/Still man hope for best/ but we should be here in the first/place….”

2nd track Rain sees the pace drop in terms of BPM but certainly not in terms of the precision in which Zedo’s message is delivered. It’s an insight into how he sees the world around him and it resonates on a deep level and the flow is just mesmerising.

The rest of the album continues in a similar vein with some fabulous little old school Hip Hop Samples, some really cool drums and some serious live instrumentation. (Check the Bass playing on ‘Inspiration’)

Clocking in at just over 19 minutes the album is , as I’ve said, concise, focused and above all else enjoyable. You’re never reaching for the skip button.

Zedo’s musically credentials ooze through each track and the genuine musical talent on display marks this album out against its “competition” (Rap is a competitive sport… don’t @me)

Zedo wrote, performed, produced, mixed and mastered the entire project from start to finish (a rare thing in the current landscape of Collabs and features) and it just reaffirms the talent of a man who’s place in Bedford Music is solidified.

Off The Rails may focus heavily on the thing inside our heads that take us off track in life but it stays on point and the result is a masterpiece with replay value that will still be therapy for the mind for some time to come!

#TST Rating 4.3/5


*These reviews are my SUBJECTIVE opinion. They are not influenced by the artists or producers in anyway. They are simply a reflection of how I feel about the body of work.

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